Selected Reviews

…Unusually expressive in her phrasing, she has a most fascinating way of delivering cadenzas as dramatic extensions of the music rather than flashy ornamentations. This was particularly evident in the melismas of Lyudmila’s aria. Glinka has often been called the “Russian Bellini,” and indeed, she brought a great deal of bel canto to his music. Ms. Mozyleva’s performance, which grew in vocal intensity each time she appeared on stage, reached its zenith with her exceptionally moving portrayal of the Snow Maiden’s Melting Scene.
— Review by Micaele Sparacino for / 2009
Irina Mozyleva didn’t hesitate to take chances which paid off in impressive virtuosity.
— From The Philadelphia Inquirer review of Rosina’s portrayal in “The Barber of Seville.“
There were vocal standouts. Irina Mozyleva floated Corinna’s improvisations in a melting voice.
— From a review in the Philadelphia Courier-Post of Rossini’s “Il Viaggio a Reims".
…Mozyleva deployed her voice like an instrument, laser-focused, ever brilliant, to chill the house with hackle-raising glory as she slashed hearts with poignantly realized, profoundly felt emotion.
— From a review in the Daily Freeman of Shostakovich’s “Seven Poems by A. Block.”